Kehinde Wiley Accused Of Sexual Assault By Ghanaian Artist

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Well-renowned artist Kehinde Wiley has been accused of sexual assault by fellow artist, Joseph Awuah-Darko of Ghana.

Awuah-Darko went on his Instagram account to address the issue and said he’s seeking legal action against Wiley. “On 9th June 2021- I was sexually assaulted by @kehindewiley. It almost destroyed me,” he wrote. “I hope my words and openness about my painful experience empower others to come forward. I hope all that unravels creates a path towards not only accountability but recompense and collective healing for other victims.” 

He revealed that he was “inappropriately groped” by Wiley and noted that further motions became “much more severe and violent.” Awuah-Darko said that he had a difficult time confronting Wiley because of his sexuality. 

“I am actively seeking legal action and hope that speaking about my abuse will empower other victims to do the same,” Awuah-Darko added. 

Kehinde Wiley would post a response, denying all allegations against him and saying that their relationship was consensual. “Someone I had a brief, consensual relationship with is now making false, disturbing, and defamatory accusations about our time together,” Wiley said. “I kindly ask for privacy as I work to clear my name.”

Joseph Awuah-Darko added another response to Art News as reported by BET, “Reconciling with the painful reality of Kehinde’s assault against me was something that I only accepted in late October 2023, when I confided in one of my best friends, who is a gallerist. That is how recent my acceptance of my assault was and after years of therapy over time,” he wrote. 

“My relationship with Kehinde in months and moments prior to my epiphany of the abuse I experienced under his hand, would have been friendly and even cordial; whether it was the birthday party he invited me to or discussions about the possibility of meeting,” Awuah-Darko continued. “Much like his OTHER VICTIMS. I think it is important to constantly challenge the misconception that a sexual predator is a complete stranger.”