Kelly Clarkson Performs ‘When I Think of You’ By Janet Jackson on Her Talk Show

Kelly Clarkson Janet Jackson

Kelly Clarkson paid homage to Janet Jackson on her recent Kellyoke segment.

Singer and television host, Kelly Clarkson has been giving her viewers a two for one, show and performance during each episode. On the latest Kellyoke segment, a part of the show where she performs a truncated version of another artists’ song, she paid tribute to Janet Jackson. Clarkson opened her show with a two-minute cover of “When I Think of You.”

Since its debut in 2019, The Kelly Clarkson Show has been regarded as the most successful daytime TV breakthroughs in nearly a decade. The success of the show comes from the variety of content – heartwarming stories, live musical performances, games and surprises. Tracie Wilson, the executive VP of NBCUniversal Syndication Studios said to The Hollywood Reporter, “Kelly and our entire production team put their heart, intent and incredible passion into making a show that resonates with people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds.”

A few of Clarkson’s previous Kellyoke performances include Jazmine Sullivan, N.E.R.D, The Weeknd, Katy Perry and Rihanna.

Last week, Clarkson covered “She Wants to Move” by Pharrell-fronted hip-hop group, N.E.R.D.