Kelly Rowland Denies A Destiny’s Child Reunion

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Fans have been on the edge of their seats for quite some time now ever since rumors circulated that girl group, Destiny’s Child, may be planning a reunion. Now, former member Kelly Rowland has shut those rumors down in a new interview.

In a conversation with The Messenger, Rowland explained that the three members are all working on their own projects at the moment.

“Bey wrapping up Renaissance and getting ready for her movie, Michelle in the thick of her solo projects that she’s doing, and me in my solo space and all the things that I’m doing, that’s where my head is,” Rowland shared.

“That’s where my heart is. That’s what I’m most excited about, with all due respect to Destiny’s Child. And should there be a space for that, we’ll see what happens. But as for right now, I’m so excited as to what I’m doing.”

With the group’s 25-year anniversary coming up, fans have been awaiting some sort of announcement from the trio’s camp. The official Destiny’s Child website updated its look to reflect the anniversary and with the craze around Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour, it seemed to be a glimpse of hope for those looking to hear Survivor once more.

As for now though, Rowland says shes just simply looking forward to how people continue to keep the group’s legacy alive during times like Halloween.

“I just love to be surprised on Halloween, to be honest,” Rowland shared. “I remember one year, Saweetie did ‘Bootylicious.’ Another year, this couple did Nelly and Kelly, ‘Dilemma,’ which I absolutely love. So when those pop up on my timeline and my feed, I always touch my heart. It’s so cool to be a part of culture in that kind of way.”