Kelly Rowland Reveals That She Son Is Vaccinated+ Explains Her Decision To So

Kelly Rowland opens up about her decision to let her oldest son, Titan get vaccinated. 

The singer, 40, shared on her Instagram that it was her godfather, who is also a doctor, who helped her in making the decision for her son. 

“It was really from my godfather. He’s a doctor and he has read up on everything. And it was very simple for him. He was just like ‘get my baby vaccinated.’ It was not like, not a thought at all.” 

She also wrote in the caption, “He just wanted him to feel safer. He was like, ‘he’s going to have this sense of like, being a kid again and a sense of normalcy.’ Again, that really meant a lot to him, and that means a lot to me as well.” 

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