Keri Hilson Says She Made Amends w/ Beyoncè 

Keri Hilson opened up about the status of her relationship with Beyoncè.

During a recent interview with Persia Nicole of Baltimore’s radio station, 92Q, Keri said they put their feud behind them. Persia asked the singer if she would like to work with Bey in the future, and Keri was open to it if she was. Then she spoke on how they were able to put their differences in the past. 

Keri said she explained to Queen Bey that earlier in her career, her label forced her to go against Beyoncè. Keri said label executives threatened to let her go if she didn’t, so she complied, even though she didn’t want to. At the time, someone from her team leaked a diss track Keri made about Beyoncè. Keri also refused to take a picture with a magazine cover that had Beyoncè on it. This ultimately caused a lot of stress for Keri later in her career because her music career didn’t flourish as she wanted, and she stopped making music for some time.

During the recent interview, Keri said Beyonce graciously introduced herself to her. Keri said Bey understood the situation with Keri’s label. “It was a gracious moment. I appreciated it. I feel like she understood what had happened, what had transpired. And there was a bit of healing in that moment when we met. I take her as a very intuitive kind of soul, as am I.” Keri continued, 

“But I do think she understood what that was all about. She’s amazing. I’ve always felt that way. That’s the truth of the matter, but no one will believe that. Whether it’s working together or not, we can see each other. We can see each other. I mean in that sense. We can understand and nod and have mutual respect if not a rapport or anything else. At the very minimum, there can be that. That’s always possible, and that’s where I’m at.”

Take a look at a clip: