Kerry Washington Talks Family, Power & Life After ‘Scandal’ with ‘Marie Claire’

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Kerry Washington is Marie Claire’s cover girl for the month of November. Known as one of the most recognizable women in television, Kerry continues to soar high all while standing in her truth.

In the new issue, the actress defines the meaning of power, what she’s learned from her children and her next chapter following ‘Scandal.’ Check out the highlights from the interview below:

What “power” means to her:

“Honestly, I think about power as more of an internal phenomenon. I tend to think about empowerment for myself so that I have the courage and ability to act on the ideologies and priorities that resonate with me. I’ve always wanted to cultivate a sense of empowerment within myself without seeking approval from outside sources.”

Kerry Washington marie claire
(Photo Credit: Thomas Whiteside/Marie Claire Magazine)

Working with Shonda Rhimes:

“I didn’t feel like I had to twist myself into some other understanding of that black womanness is supposed to look like, because Shonda got me, and so I could get closer to my truth… Just her existence and working with her so intimately change the idea of what power looked like in this business.”

Why she considered her children some of her most influential “teachers.”

“My children are my teachers. We get by God the kids we need so we can grow in order to be parents they need us to be. The children I got sent came in perfect, and I have to figure out how to grow and evolve so that I can support the truth of them. I’m in a constant state of learning and challenging myself to make room for their perfection and beauty.”

Kerry Washington marie claire
(Photo Credit: Thomas Whiteside/Marie Claire Magazine)

Now that ‘Scandal’ has come to an end, Washington is now doing Broadway. She reveals that theater is near and dear to her heart because that’s where she met her husband. Washington hits the stage on November 4th for her new project American Son.

The November issue will be released Oct. 18. More on Kerry Washington’s interview with Marie Claire here.