Macy Gray Accused of Being Transphobic Over Her Definition of Womanhood

R&B Singer, Macy Gray recently sat down with Piers Morgan to discuss issues on racial inequality, transgender identity and advice that Prince gave her.

On a recent episode of Piers Morgan Uncensored, Gray was asked to give her definition of womanhood. “We are in an era now where most public figures are too terrified to say what a woman is. If I asked you, what would you say?, asked the host. Gray gave a chuckled reply, “I would say a human being with boobs and a vagina. Now the whole he, she, they, is getting confusing.”

Morgan then ignited the topic of transgenders in sports. “I support all trans rights to fairness and equality but not where you have people born to obvious physical superior bodies and then thrashing the women at their sport.” Gray concurred and even added, “I will say this and everybody’s going to hate me but as a woman, just because you change your parts, that doesn’t make you a woman.”

Although Gray is content with using whichever pronouns someone identifies with, she feels woman go through a unique experience that trans woman cannot relate to in order to be called a true “woman”.

Over the weekend, a snippet of the transgender discussion went viral causing a whirlpool of backlash for the “For Colored Girls” actress:

Contrarily, there were some folk who were in alignment with the raspy singer’s opinion:

Additionally Morgan resurfaced the singer’s 2021 op-ed for Market Watch where she suggested that the flag ‘no longer represents democracy and freedom’, proposing a redesign of its stars and stripes. “My idea was to make the stars representing me, you, and everyone in the room. That way when you look at the flag, you feel welcomed and included.” Morgan’s response suggested that the American flag is fantastic and implied that going after an historic American emblem can cause disunity.

“When the flag was conceptualized, they made it based on that time period, which was war. We are celebrating a flag that represents war.” Macy also added, “Everything was different when Lincoln was president so I am saying, what is wrong with a new flag?”.


You can watch the full interview here: