Martin Lawrence Holds Will Smith’s Hand To Walk During Promo Tour

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO – JUNE 1: Will Smith and Martin Lawrence pose during the red carpet for the movie ‘Bad Boys: Ride or Die’ at Cinepolis Parque Toreo on June 1, 2024 in Naucalpan de Juarez, Mexico. (Photo by Angel Delgado/Getty Images)

Martin Lawrence fans are taking to social media to express concern about his health following his recent appearance alongside Will Smith to promote the fourth installment of their “Bad Boys” franchise.

Last month, Smith and Lawerence sat down with Extra for a press junket to talk “Bad Boys: Ride or Die.” After watching the interview, fans started to weigh in on how slow and slurred the almost 60-year-old’s speech seemed.

“Martin is NOT OK. Get well Marty Mar,” one person said in the Neighborhood Watch’s comment section.

Another added, “Something is really off about Martin. His slow reaction, Stumbling of words.”

A third commenter also noticed that “Martin seems a little slow and off! Like he’s had some kind of medical issue.”

A fourth person, however, said that Lawrence looks good as he approaches 60 years on Earth. “I can’t wait for this movie I’ve never missed one! Both of you guys looking good. Health is wealth. My oldest brother always says joker when he’s speaking of someone.”

Although he hasn’t announced any health issues in recent decades, fans’ concerns were understandable given his track record. The comedian suffered from a heat stroke back in 1999 fell into a three-day coma. Martin also lost his brother recently.

On May 30, the “Bad Boys” were back with their families for a celebrity-packed screening at the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California.

In a video, Smith is seen taking Lawrence’s hand and guiding him slowly to the front of the bus. Lawrence eventually stood on his own and waved to his fans.

“Did Will just help Martin walk? The way it looks Martin seems off,” noticed one commenter.

Another person wrote, “I hope Martin is okay looks like he had a stroke his motor skills appears to be off a little bit due to the way he led him out. IMO.”

Another fan simply offered prayers, commenting, “I’m going to continue to [prayer hand emoji] for Martin’s health and well being.”

As of right now, nothing has been officially stated concerning any potential health problems the actor may or may not have at this time. But it seems fans simply want what’s best for the comedy legend and hope for the best, especially given his medical history.