Michael B. Jordan Set To Direct ‘Creed 4’

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Michael B. Jordan will direct the next installment to the “Creed” franchise. 

The actor was given the greenlight to direct “Creed 4” Irwin Winkler, producer of both “Rocky” and “Creed” movies said. Jordan directed the third installment where he reprised his role as the heavyweight champion, Adonis Creed. The movie also starred Jonathan Majors, who played the role of Damian Anderson. 

“Creed III” hit theaters in March and set a new box office record for the franchise by making $58 million during its debut weekend. The first three movies have grossed more than $663 million combined worldwide. 

Michael B. Jordan first made his appearance in 2015’s “Creed” and in the sequel in 2018. His character is the son of the late boxer and former rival of Rocky Balboa, Apollo Creed. In the first two films, Sylvester Stallone reprised his role as Rocky and became a mentor to Adonis, however he was not in the last movie. 

After the news broke about “Creed 4,” Winkler said in a statement, “We’re planning to do ‘Creed 4’ right now, it’s in the works. And we think we have a really good story, a really good plot because of the strike, like everybody else.” He continued, “Probably a year from now we’re going for pre-production.” 

Winkler went on to speak on how both of movie franchises are linked. “Michael and the creative team had the beautiful vision from the start to create a wholly new and different experience for this movie,” he said. “It had to be firmly cemented in what we all know the ‘Creed’ and ‘Rocky’ movies for. It had to have great action, boxing, but we also really examined what kind of movie we were making.”

He added, “And a lot of that, those early days with Michael were spent crafting how we were looking at the Damian character, which is why I think everyone responded to the depth, not only on the page, but also on the screen. You spend half the movie having deep sympathy for him and understanding his vulnerability.”

Are you ready the next installment of this franchise?