Oprah Winfrey Has Disabled Her Comments Following Outrage Over Her Response to Maui Fires

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA – JUNE 30: Oprah Winfrey speaks onstage during the 2023 ESSENCE Festival Of Culture™ at Ernest N. Morial Convention Center on June 30, 2023 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Arturo Holmes/Getty Images FOR ESSENCE)

World renown philanthropist, Oprah Winfrey continues to catch heat for her response to the Maui fires. Winfrey, alongside The Rock, have gone into full drive to raise money for the residents of Maui, Hawaii, who have been severely affected by the recent wildfires.

Both Winfrey and The Rock have homes on the Hawaiian island. Using their star power, the actor’s initiated a relief fund, kickstarting the initiative with a donation of $10 million. They have also forged partnerships with several local organizations to aid those who have been adversely impacted.

According to the organization’s website, every adult resident who lives in the affected area is eligible to receive $1,200 per month to help them through this period of recovery.

Winfrey posted on her Instagram, “It takes a village, and I’m so proud to be a part of the village bringing aid to the Maui residents affected by the wildfires with @peoplesfundofmaui.” The actress has diligently tried to keep people updated on the progress of the initiative and assure them that people are being helped.

However, despite their efforts, many are saying the actors are not doing enough. Fans have pointed out their combined net worth (estimated to be $2 Billion), hinting that their massive wealth should suffice in aid. One Tiktoker wrote, “You 2 can take care of this. We are going to feed our families. God Bless You.”

Since Winfrey posted her gratitude video, thanking those who have already donated to the fund, her comments have been turned off. Initially, the post allowed for comments, but the comment section became inundated with critics who asserted that she should contribute a more substantial sum than the $5 million she has already provided.

The Moana actor is also receiving disapproving commentary but he has left his comments on.

“From hero to zero,”

The Rock recently shared a video of him greeting tourists who were taking photos of celebrity homes. He jokingly asked the group, “Did you guys to my house yet?.” After they replied no, he chuckled and said, “good keep it that way.” He commented about how these moments [making fans’ day] are what he enjoys about fame. The other thing he likes is getting free stuff.

Fans flocked to the comments to criticize both the video and his response to the Maui fires.

“I really liked you, very disappointed by your response to Hawaii,”one user wrote.

“From hero to zero,” another added.

“Dwayne…looks like you should turn your comments off…your true colors are showing.”

“Peoples chump.”

“Can you believe he drives around hoping to get some adoration to help him feel better about himself after the hammering he’s received!! So glad he’s got Maui on his mind … such ego.”

“Can your ego get any bigger? Jesus”