Princess Love Will Not Allow Ray J See Their Children Until He Quarantines For A Week

The drama continues between Ray J and Princess Love. 

Ever since their infamous fight over social media where Love accused her husband of leaving her, stranded in Las Vegas while eight months pregnant, they haven’t been on the best of terms. 

To make matter worse, Ray is now claiming that he is not allowed to their children until he quarantines properly. “I’m lonely right now. I don’t want to quarantine by myself. I keep telling Princess, but she says, ‘If I see one person over there with you, you got to start over,” he continued. “So I really have to lock myself in, because I really miss my kids.” 

Love is reportedly keeping a close eye on Ray J’s Instagram account. She currently wants him to isolate for seven days. 

Is Princess Love being fair with her rules for Ray J?