Rap Snacks Expands Into Trucking Industry To Assist Small Businesses


Rap Snacks is hitting the road!

According to a press release obtained by Afrotech, the hip-hop chip brand will tap into the transportation sector through Rap Snacks Trucking.

“We are excited to embark on this new journey into the trucking industry,” said Rap Snacks CEO James Lindsay. “We believe this new route reflects our ongoing commitment to innovation, empowerment, and community support.”

He continued, “We intend to leverage our reputation, relationships, and experience to aid in contract procurement, benefiting small businesses.”

The overall goal of the company is to tap into the trucking industry to help provide sustainable revenue streams for small businesses interested in partnering with Rap Snacks to ship and dispatch loads.

Rap Snacks has become one of the most notable hip-hop geared snack products over the past two decades. Previous hip hop partners include Nicki Minaj, Master P, Romeo, Rick Ross Cardi B, Migos, and Lil Boosie. In 2022, the company celebrated its 25th anniversary.

“Rap Snacks Trucking is dedicated to supporting independent truckers and carriers, providing opportunities for growth and success in the industry,” said the company, per the release.

For those interested in partnering with the potato chip company, you can fill out their form.