Smokie Norful Releases New Album ‘I Still Have You’

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Pastor Smokie Norful is back with a brand-new album. During an intimate listening party, Pastor Norful spoke about his musical journey, being away for so long, and the reason he came back to make this album. 

“I Still Have You,” is the singer’s seventh studio album and the first one in 22 years after the release of “I Need You Now.” 

Norful spoke on why it took him a long time to record music again. “I felt like I was retired. I thought that I was retired from music altogether,” he said. He reiterated that he used the word retired loosely because music is his passion, and he could truly never walk away from it. 

Norful added, “I thought that the industry side of it was done. I didn’t have a record deal, no obligations, and I was really in the position and posture of coaching and supporting other people.” During this interview, he gave flowers to fellow gospel singer, Todd Dulaney, who was a part of Norful’s mentorship. 

Smokie Norful went on to reveal that his sons are the reason he got back into the studio, dating back to 2016. They wanted to do music with their father, after working with other artists. He said that he couldn’t deny his children that opportunity and now the world has a new album from Smokie Norful.

Stream it now. “I Still Have You” is on all platforms.