T.I. And Tiny Want 2005 Sexual Assault Lawsuit Dismissed

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T.I. Harris and his wife, Tiny, are fighting to have the sexual assault lawsuit against them thrown out. 

The couple has reportedly filed a motion in the case, citing that the “statue of limitations have expired and that it should be dismissed in its entirety.” The couple’s court documents state, “Here, at best, Plaintiff had up to December 31, 2007, to file the instant lawsuit based on the facts alleged in the Complaint…As such, this instant lawsuit, filed over sixteen years past that statutory deadline – 18 years after the facts alleged in the Complaint occurred is time-barred, along with all the claims asserted in the Complaint.”

They added, “There are no facts whatsoever that could redeem or revive any actionable claims by Plaintiff against Defendants based on the 2005 encounter alleged in the Complaint.” Back in January, a woman identified as Jane Doe filed a lawsuit against the couple, accusing them of assaulting and drugging her in 2005. 

Doe claims that she met them in L.A. while stationed there for the U.S. Air Force, however T.I. and Tiny have denied all allegations against them. The couple believes that their accuser has been trying to extort them for years. 

The plaintiff filed her suit under California’s Sexual Abuse and Cover-Up Accountability Act. This act extends statutes of limitations for sex abuse and assault victims to December 2026. Jane Doe said that she “did not consent to any of the sexual assault or misconduct.” 

Jane Doe is suing for sexual assault, sexual battery, false imprisonment, intentional infliction of emotional distress, battery, and more.

T.I. and Tiny’s hearing for a dismissal request is scheduled for Wednesday, August 7th.