Tamar Braxton Says Traci Braxton Influenced The Decision To Revive ‘Braxton Family Values’

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Tamar Braxton reveals how the revival of “Braxton Family Values,” came to be. 

After we reported that the show was returning to WeTv, Tamar said her late sister Traci and their mother, Evelyn, pushed for the show’s return. While joining producer Carlos King on his “Reality With The King” tour, the singer said, “There are three reasons why [we returned]”

She continued, “The first reason why is because this is something that Traci wanted us to do. During her final days, this was something that became important to her. And I remember calling [Carlos King] in tears because I was so conflicted because I did not know what to do.” 

Braxton added, “Number two, my mother asked me to come back because she wanted the remaining of her daughters to finish a show that was so important, not to just this community, but to her as a mother and also to her daughters.” Braxton concluded with, “And number three, the reason why I came back is because they gave me all of my things that I deserved the first round.”

Tamar and her family have been vocal about how they were treated by Wetv during the show’s initial run. They claimed that they were exploited and underpaid by the network. Tamar also called the network out for using her suicide attempt for “pleasure and ratings.” 

Tamar Braxton also said that her relationship with the network has improved from the last time that they worked together. “Usually when you go to a network and you create a show so big as the Braxtons… you usually get like number one: a real producer credit, number two: producing opportunities to be able to have your own company and producer other shows and things like that. And also, a substantial amount to make you feel better about the situation, and they gave me those things.” 

She then said that she will be a part-timer on the show instead of being full-time. “I have to be mentally responsible. It was a lot for me, and a lot of people want to feel like everything I went through was fake or to get out of a contract… and it wasn’t. I was really going through it.”