The Rundown: Insecure’s S5E1- Did Issa Do The Right Thing?

Last night, the first episode of the final season of Insecure premiered and there is a lot to unpack. There will be some spoiler alerts but this is what took place during the episode. 

The show started off with Issa and the gang going to their alma mater, Stanford for their ten-year reunion. As they got settled, of course, there was that awkward tension between Issa and Molly, what viewers called the “fake-back” before the actual “back-back”. 

Issa was a panelist for one of the alumni panels, Molly was reintroduced to an old fling, Tiffany and her husband went down memory lane of their relationship, while the school believed that Kelli was dead. 

In midst of it all, everyone began to experience some truths about themselves. Issa and Molly realized that their friendship meant more to them than they thought after being robbed by a fellow classmate. Kelli explained that she wants to be remembered for more than having a “bomb stanky leg” or to be “Kelli-ing”. As Tiffany was just as in the moment and mellow as ever. 

Although it was good to see the girls hash their issues out, the part that set social media on fire was what transpired between Issa and Lawrence at the end. After Lawrence picked Issa up from the airport, Issa broke up with him. It was clear that she couldn’t get past the fact that her boyfriend has a baby on the way with his ex. 

Was Issa wrong for breaking up with Lawrence after coming back from her trip? Take a look at what fans had to say about the entire episode below.