Third Suspect Indicted For The Murder Of Jam Master Jay

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A third suspect has been indicted for the murder of Jam Master Jay almost 20 years after his death.

According to reports, 49-year-old Jay Bryant was charged with the murder of the famed DJ, while being involved with narcotics trafficking. He also was hit with a firearms charge and is being held on other federal drug charges unrelated to this case. 

In the prosecutor’s report, it stated that Bryant was seen going into Jay’s Queens studio right before being shot and killed on October 20, 2002. The report also states that there was a piece of clothing that was left at the scene that had Bryant’s DNA on it. 

He also claimed that he was the person shot fatally shot Jam Master Jay, however, prosecutors have doubts and are waiting for the evidence to be presented at the upcoming trial, in which it will show that Karl Jordan Jr., another suspect, was the one who shot Jay twice from a close range. 

Bryant’s lawyer spoke on the charges bought against his client. “Mr. Bryant will be pleading not guilty. Securing an indictment in a secret grand jury, applying an extremely low burden of proof, is one thing. Proving it at trial is another matter.”

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