Ticketmaster Being Sued Over High Ticket Prices For Drake Concert

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Ticketmaster has been hit with a class action lawsuit for high ticket prices for Drake’s concert. 

The rapper announced that he and rapper 21 Savage would be going on a 29-city tour, and that tickets will be available for fans on March 17th. However, fans were not happy after they saw the high ticket prices and launched a class-action suit claiming price gauging. 

According to reports, a Canadian man purchased tickets for a total of $789.54 for the July 14th show. However, the LPC Avocat law firm noticed that the same seats for the following date were listed for $350 less. 

The lawsuit states, “Ticketmaster unilaterally decides which tickets it advertises and sells as ‘Official Platinum’ based on a given event.” It went on to say, “The result is that most, if not all, of the tickets, advertised and sold as ‘Official Platinum,’ are neither ‘premium tickets’ nor ‘some of the best seats in the house’ and are, in fact, just regular tickets sold by Ticketmaster at an artificially inflated premium in bad faith.”

The plaintiffs are seeking the prices charged for official platinum tickets with an additional $300 in damages. 

What are your thoughts on this issue?