Trevor Noah Ended ‘Daily Show’ Run Thanking Black Women

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Trevor Noah took his final bow for his 7 year run of The Daily Show Thursday evening.

The comedian was chosen for the role in 2015 after the departure of longtime host Jon Stewart. His impact for the next seven years has been touted to have brought a new sense of culture to the show.

Noah took a few minutes at the end of his final episode to share his gratitude and some gems he learned over the years in this role. One thing he made clear, was how grateful he was for Black women.

“This is random for some but special shoutout to Black women. I’ve often been credited with having these grand ideas where people are like, ‘Oh Trevor, you’re so smart.’ And then I’m like, ‘Who do you think teaches me?’” he started his speech with. “Who do you think has shaped me, nourished me, informed me? From my mom, my grand, my aunt, all these women in my life. But then in America as well, I always tell people if you truly want to learn about America, talk to Black women.”

Throughout the monologue, Trevor Noah touched on the power and knowledge that Black women have. He suggested that if a person wanted to learn about America, the best person to ask is a Black woman. “Yeah, because unlike everybody else, Black women can’t afford to f*** around and find out. Black people understand how hard it is when things go bad, especially in America,” he said with tear filled eyes.

Trevor Noah’s Goodbye

He closed out the show by thanking his audience again. After his final words, audience members immediately met him with rousing applause.

Although Trevor Noah’s run has ended, no official host has been chosen to replace Noah just yet. The show will begin revolving hosts including comedians such as Leslie Jones, Marlon Wayans, D.L. Hughley and Wanda Sykes.