Video Shows a Black Teenage Girl Getting Punched While Being Restrained by Florida Cop [WATCH]

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A bystander captured a 14-year-old girl being punched by Coral Springs authorities, while she was lying face down.

Not again! You can see in the video a police officer punching this young teen as he was restraining her. The authorities claim that she was restraining arrest.

Police officers were allegedly called the mall because the two teens were “unruly” and they had been harassing patrons and caused a “disturbance.” It’s also being reported that an officer was stopped in the mall prior to the incident because he 5-year-old child was shoved to the ground by one of the girls.

After the teens were taken to the police department, they were transferred to the Juvenile Assessment center.

The young girls mother told local news that the officer was “out of line” and that he went “completely overboard” for assaulting her daughter. She also said she was “heartbroken.”

Check out the unfortunate video below: