Wayne Brady Opens Up About Coming Out As Pansexual

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Wayne Brady finally speaks on why he decided to come out as pansexual. 

After he revealed his sexuality to the world, the actor said that he feels free to be himself and that he isn’t worried about losing fans. “Me coming out and saying that I may identify as pansexual still doesn’t stop me from being the dopest host on TV and doing what I do,” he said. 

Brady continued, “Still doesn’t stop me from being amazing at my job. In fact, if anything, I feel even better, because I’m lighter.” 

He also explained how his new found freedom works for his relationships too. “I think that’s the piece that was missing, that I couldn’t verbalize, ‘cause I couldn’t lock on to it. I always felt this dishonest, and if I was being dishonest, then there’s no way to truly give yourself 100%.”

The actor previously stated that he had pushed aside his attraction for certain men because of the “heteronormative culture dominating his youth.” He also said that growing up as a Black man also contributed to the dismissal of his own feelings. 

“It would be hard for me to truly put myself 100% into a relationship when there’s this nagging doubt that I have not explored that piece of me, or even given voice to having that option,” he said in an interview

Brady concluded with, “It doesn’t mean that it’s ever going to manifest itself in a relationship with a man, or a relationship with this person. I don’t know, but at least being able to voice that, so that, if I go into a relationship, whoever I’m in a relationship knows me 100%.”