WBLS Roll To The Polls! Get Out And VOTE

Today is an important day tri-state! If you haven’t already you know what you need to do…VOTE!
Not sure where to go? Find your polling location HERE

Exercise your Civic Duty

Check out our Doctor Bob Lee as he rolls to the polls in NYC! 

Bob in Harlem with the Metro-Manhattan (NY) Links & #SistersInPolitics! #NAACP President #HazelDukes, Dawn Hankin, Rozalynn Frazier, Kim Davis, Shana Harmongoff, Athena Moore, Nina Saxon, and Nina Norwood

Bob in Queensbridge LIC, Queens – Jacob Riis Community Center

Bob in Section 3 of Co-op City in the Bronx with Edwina, Al Jr, and friends

bob in bronx

Check out the rest of the WBLS family, Rolling To The Polls!