Wendy Williams Confirms Her Ex Kevin Hunter Has a Daughter

photo credit: Paras Griffin / Getty Images 

Wendy Williams’ has confirmed that her estranged husband, Kevin Hunter, now has a daughter. 


Williams’ had an interview with the New York Times, where she spoke about her ex’s infidelity. She also expressed that she “never thought she would be in this position.” She told the publication, “I’m a very forgiving person, but there’s one thing that I could never be a part of, and that one thing happened.”


For clarity, the interviewer asked Wendy what that “one thing” was and she expressed that Kevin “has a daughter.”


Williams’ explained that the infidelity happened while she was in a sober home. “I’d done my detective work. I knew what was about to happen, and I was like, ‘Let me go someplace where you’re not allowed to have the whole bottle of wine,’ ” Williams recalled.


She continued, “When you see your husband’s mistress with a burgeoning belly and you’re a blabbermouth on TV with a successful show, you know what’s about to happen. I needed to go someplace quiet.” 


“My husband was about to have a baby, and I knew that I was about to divorce,” she added. “I knew that there would be headlines. I had to process it so that once I came out, I came out on top. I didn’t work for three decades to land at the bottom over some [expletive&#93 like this.”


As we know, Wendy and Kevin share a son- as a result, Wendy says Kevin will always be her “family.” “We have a 19-year-old son [Kevin Hunter Jr.&#93, and we were together for 25 years and married for 21,” she explained.


“People want me to hate and scream and talk. I won’t,” she continued. “It bothers me that people say, ‘Keep it as clean as you can, because you have a child together.’ That’s not the main reason to keep it clean. The main reason I won’t talk badly about Kevin is that he was my first true love. I will not have people talk badly. I talk filthy about him, but that is when I get in my apartment and the door is closed and I am talking to myself in the mirror.”


As previously reported, Wendy filed for divorce back in April. We hope all goes well for Wendy!