What We Know About The Suspect In Brooklyn Subway Shooting

We reported that yesterday, Tuesday morning, multiple people were shot while on the N train in Sunset Park. Since then the police have released the image and the name of the suspect and here is what we know. 

The suspect is Frank James and according to reports, he has posted a series of racist video rants on his YouTube channel for years. One of his posts is an hour-long where he rants about politics, race, and current all while using profanity. 

“When you talk to folks about what happens to you in prison, it is what it is,” Frank James said in one of the videos. “That’s why I’m never going to prison… I’m not connected, I don’t have nobody, and nobody has my [explicit] back.”

Police also revealed that in another dated on March 1st, he heavily criticized Mayor Eric Adams, social workers, homeless people, and women. 

“I wanted to kill everything in sight. I was planning to kill everything I saw,” he said. The suspect is said to be connected to addresses in Philadelphia and Wisconsin, as well as The Bronx.

We will keep you posted with updates as this story develops.