Woman Arrested And Charged For Killing Black Woman In Front Of Her Kids

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Aijke Owens, a Black mother of four, was fatally shot in Florida in front of her children. The woman who shot her has finally been arrested and charged with her murder. 

The suspect, Susan Lorincz, was reportedly arrested and charged with manslaughter with a firearm, battery, culpable negligence, and two counts of assault in connection to the shooting death of Owens on Tuesday evening. 

Lorincz was accused of shooting Owens from behind a closed door, as she stood on the porch with her son. The victim was trying to confront Lorincz about throwing items at her children and saying racial slurs to them. 

Officers shortly arrived at the scene trying to save her life, however, she died from her wounds just moments later. It was also reported that “Lorincz told investigators that she and Owens had a past history of animosity and claimed that Owens previously attacked her.” 

The report also says, “She said that she acted in self-defense in shooting Owens and that Owens had been trying to break down her door prior to her discharging her firearm.”

Sheriff Billy Woods revealed that he was hesitant to arrest Lorincz at first because it was believed that she was protected under the “stand your ground” law in Florida. It was later founded that the suspect started the conflict after getting upset that Owens’ children were playing in a nearby field. 

Her actions were found to be unjustifiable by self-defense. Sheriff Woods called it “simply a killing.” “Ms. Lorincz’s fate is now in the hands of the judicial system which I trust will deliver justice in due course,” Sheriff Woods said in a statement. 

He continued, “As I go to bed tonight, I will be saying a prayer for Ms. Owens’ children and the rest of her family. I’d ask all of you to do the same.” 

Our thoughts and prayers are with Aijke Owens’ family and loved ones during this time.