Xscape Members LaTocha Scott And Kandi Burruss’ Feud Continues

LaTocha Scott isn’t done with the drama that occurred over the weekend between her and her groupmates over the wrong-colored dress. 

We previously reported that the group walked the carpet at the Soul Train Awards where fans quickly pointed out that LaTocha was not wearing the same color as the other group members. Although each member looked amazing in their gowns, LaTocha quickly claimed that she didn’t receive the memo about the attire. 

Kandi responded and claimed that Scott chose to go with a different stylist and for her to “stop putting out false narratives.” This has led Scott to speak out again about the situation. 

In her Instagram story, she would write, “First off, I’d like to apologize to all of the fans. It’s so unfortunate that I have to tell my truth this way. However, in this new space, I won’t be silenced by who has the bigger following. If I don’t say anything I’m dragged, and if I do say something I’m dragged. So here it goes…”

She goes on to explain that her stylist and their stylist were in contact with other and they would usually be in sync with one another. See the entire post below. 

LaTocha Scott also revealed that Kandi Burruss blocked her on social media. The other group members have since shared other posts on their social media after the dress incident. 

What are your thoughts on this?