Aaliyah Fans Rally To Have Her Inducted Into Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

Aaliyah Fans Rally To Have Her Inducted Into Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

Krista B.
01/26/2023 12:00 AM EST

Aaliyah fans are making sure that she will get the recognition that she deserves.

It has been reported that fans have put together a petition for the “Rock The Boat” singer posthumously to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The petition appeared on and has already received nearly 7,000 signatures.

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Albert Tsibu, the creator of the petition wrote in the description, “More than 20 years after her tragic death, Aaliyah’s presence and influence is still being felt throughout the world of music, fashion, film, and pop culture.”

He continued, “As Aaliyah once stated in her 2001 episode of MTV Diary, she wanted to be remembered as a full-on entertainer and someone who did it all; which is exactly what she did within her 7-year career.”

Tsibu added, “Aaliyah broke barriers, ground and records within her music and still continues to influence many acts within the R&B, pop & hip hop landscape. Everyone from Beyoncé, Rihanna and Drake to Normani, Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande and The Weeknd among many other popular artists whom all have credited Aaliyah as a source of inspiration to their music and careers.”

The description would go on to list her accolades and the loyal fanbase that the late singer still has. If the petition is successful and she is inducted into the Hall of Fame, Aaliyah will join Jay-Z, Eminem, Lionel Richie, Ray Charles, and more.