Morgan State University To Build Security Wall After Homecoming Shooting

October 12, 2023 - Krista B.

After five people were injured at Morgan State University during a campus shooting, the HBCU has announced that they will have a new security strategy in place. 

David Wilson, the University’s president said that they are planning to extend campus barriers and build a security wall. 

This new wall extension will add 8,000 feet to the existing barrier and will cover most of the campus to help limit unwanted access. 

“We’re doing this, let me be clear, not to keep out our neighbors and our community writ large; we are doing it to keep out the bad actors,” Wilson said to the HBCU  students, faculty and staff.

Along with the wall, the university will be getting more metal detectors, more security guard booths, and an increase of police patrolling. These enhancements will cost over $22 million. 

The shooting at Morgan State took place near Murphy Fine Arts where Mr. And Mrs. Morgan State were crowned. The five victims were not the intended target according to the police. 

President Wilson wrote on the school’s website the cancellation or postponement the rest of the homecoming activities in the wake of the shooting. 

“Today, we unfortunately find ourselves navigating this tragic event during a time at which we should be celebrating our National Treasure during Homecoming,” he wrote.

The police are still looking for the suspects.