Tyrese Throws His Daughter A Lavish Sweet 16 Birthday Party

June 8, 2023 - Krista B.
Shayla Tyrese
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Singer Tyrese made sure that his eldest daughter, Shayla, enjoyed her 16th birthday, by throwing her lavish birthday party. 

In a series of videos posted on his social media, Tyrese showed how he turned his backyard in a nightclub with a Ferris wheel, a 360 camera, and a flame blower, as well as special guests including Vin Diesel, Quincy, and Diddy’s twin daughters. 

This isn’t the first time that the actor went all out for his daughter. When she graduated in May, he brought her a Rolls Royce as well as hired a truck that displayed the special moments that they have shared together over the years. 

“I feel horrible as a father that I missed this one-of-a-kind moment but it’s very very clear that my daughter felt all that love that I arranged from Londo. Thank you Momma Norma for being there,” he wrote. “Funny that you’re in my country and I’m in yours lol congratulations to our angel SHAYLA Princess Gibson you did it baby you have made daddy soooooooo proud!!!!!”