Michael Jackson’s First Studio Album Gets Limited Digital Release

1988: Pop singer Michael Jackson performs onstage during his “Bad World Tour” in 1988. (Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)
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Fans are now able to enjoy the very first studio recording of Michael Jackson, according to Billboard.

On July 13, 1967, Jackson and his brothers partook in their very first recording session in Chicago’s One-derful studios. Out of the session came the song Big Boy. Another version of the song was released via Steeltown Records a year later.

The song is now available as a digital vinyl in two packages, an open edition and a limited edition. Both versions are being sold in a four day period which began Thursday, Dec 7. The open edition costs $25 and comes with images of the master tape and agreements, downloadable song stems, and a B-side that includes Michael the Lover and My Girl” The limited edition, costs $1,000 and adds on special artwork and other tracks like Big Boy (Steeltown Version), We Don’t Have to Be Over 21 (To Fall in Love), You’ve Changed, Tracks of My Tears, and Lonely Heart.

The release is being done in collaboration with the song’s owner, Recordpool, and Swedish blockchain-based music and royalty marketplace anotherblock.


“As a passionate MJ fan myself, I was instantly thrilled about introducing this significant piece of music history to the world and expanding the narrative of the Jackson 5’s early days,” said anotherblock CEO and co-founder Michel Traore. “We engaged in numerous lengthy discussions about the recording, its meaning, history, and the optimal way to tell the story. In total, it took us about six months to piece everything together.”

The packages are available worldwide via the anotherblock site.